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8 Stunning Hotel Pools in the World

Swimming is pretty much a given if you are going on a vacation. Whether it’s a beach, a river, or a lake, vacationers would always pack extra clothes for wetting.

Some would pick a hotel to stay in based on its pool facilities. These stunning hotel pools just seem to lure tourists through its pictures in brochures.

Here are eight stunning hotel pools in the world:

1.      Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

If you are staying in the most expensive hotel ever built, you should expect that it has the best facilities including its swimming pool.

The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore has three towers, three 55-storey towers. Its swimming pool is at the top most floor and gives you a view of the entire city.

The infinity-edged pool stretches 150m and is surrounded by exclusive restaurants and lush gardens.

On top of that, the hotel has thousands of luxury rooms and suites to choose from.


2.      The Oberoi Udaivilas – Udaipur, India

Udaipur is full of majestic palaces which is why pools are made to be fit for royals in this part of India.

The Oberoi Udaivilas was conceived as a traditional Indian palace but now serves as a hotel fit for regals. It showcases the rich heritage of Rajasthan during the royal era.

The hotel has two luxurious looking pools. Once faces its rambling courtyard while the other one faces the lake.

Both pools are fit for defining the word “chill.”

3.      Amangiri Resorts – Utah, USA

Talk about excellent architecture and engineering, there is a swimming pool in Utah that is just breathtaking. The Amangiri resorts has a pool erected in the middle of the mesa rock formations of the southwest.

It overlooks a beautiful desert view in USA’s Grand Circle region. It may not be as luxurious-looking as five-star hotel pools but its seamless blend with its natural surroundings is what will make you want to go there.

4.      Amankila – Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a paradise with its seemingly untouched nature and clear beaches. Amankila however has a swimming pool that will make you feel like you do not have to go to the beach.

The pool area has great views of Balinese nature all around. Nine of its 33 suites have its own private pool but the best one is the hotel’s infinity pool.

Its infinity pool cascades three tiers down the hillside like the rice paddies in Bali.

5.      Grace Santorini – Santorini, Greece

If there is a place where swimming pools automatically look good, it might be Santorini. The island is filled with white buildings which blend well with the sea.

Grace Santorini has a good vantage point as it sits on the higher part of the island. Its swimming pool might be the best in Santorini as well.

The hotel’s infinity pool offers stunning uninterrupted views of the horizon. People who love watching sunsets will definitely love going there.

6.      Four Seasons Resort Hualalai – Big Island, Hawaii

The stereotype for Hawaii is pineapples and beaches. The Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai offers a lot more than just a swimming pool.

It has a pond where you can swim and snorkel. The pond is man-made and is filled with saltwater. It houses more than 4,000 tropical fish and a few eagle rays.

As for its swimming pools, there are five of them to choose from. The hotel has a lap pool, an adults-only Palm Grove Pool and the family-oriented Sea Shell Pool.

7.      Zoetry Agua – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Spring breakers will want to go to Punta Cana if they are looking for some poolside fun. The Zoetry Agua has a unique swimming pool as a river runs through it.

This makes its pool waters very refreshing to swim in. The area is lined with palm trees that makes it feel like the Caribbean experience despite just being by the pool.

The pool is also close to the beach which might give you dilemmas on where to swim.

8.      Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa – Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most underrated destinations for vacation. It may not get the same attention as its Caribbean neighbors, but it has beaches and resorts that are just as good.

Hilton has reached Jamaica as well with the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa. Aside from its luxury family-friendly accommodations, it has a swimming facility like no other.

The hotel is home to the Sugar Mills Falls Water Park. It is the largest one Jamaica and the second largest in the Caribbean.

The pool features a lot of exciting and thrilling features such as a 280-foot water slide, a lazy river, and several waterfalls.

Even adults have reason to enjoy as the water park has a swim-up bar where you can order cocktails whilst poolside.

The regular pools in the water park are no slouch as well in terms of design.

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