Travelling with Pets

5 Tips on how to travel with your pets

Having a pet may look cute and fun from the outside but if you are a pet owner yourself, you know the burden of having one.

Just like children, pets have certain needs that have to be addressed in order for them to live. From regular grooming to proper feeding.

Taking care of pets is a tedious task as their level of understanding is not as comprehensive as a human being.

It is already a cliché that dogs are a man’s best friend. It is hard to argue though as their loyalty to their master is unwarranted.

The same could be said for other pets provided they receive proper training like we afford to dogs.

A pet must be a part of the family the entire step of the way, even in your travels. Leaving them alone at home can possibly cause harm.

Now is the time to strengthen your bond with your pet with these 5 tips on how to travel with your pets.

1.      Travel research

Your travel research shouldn’t be limited to just what to do and eat at a certain spot.

You need to start researching for the nearest pet shop, or animal hospital in your destination as well.

Also see to it that the place you will be staying is suitable or permits pets to be brought into their premises.

Also do some pre-travel consultation with a vet regarding safety measures.

2.      Coaching nature

Just like every living and moving thing, pets also have nature calls to answer to. You should see to it that you coach them for poop and pee at least the night before your travel.

You can easily make a stopover if you are on the road but what if you are up in the air travelling by plane? It is best to pre-condition their bowels before going elsewhere

3.      Be on schedule

Pre-conditioning is recommended when traveling by plane but it is not as necessary when you are traveling by road.

Being on schedule is the key. You should allot a time interval of at least every 3 to 4 hours to stop over and take a scheduled break.

Not only will your pets thank you but it also means more quality time. This also gives them room to squeeze in some exercise as they move freely after a long time sitting in your vehicle.

4.      Tire them out

Pets can be pretty enthusiastic or restless shall they sense that they are going to somewhere new.

Tiring them out may be pretty tiring for us as well but if you want to have a smoother trip, it is best to spend that extra energy.

Invest some of your personal energy into spending more time with your pet at least a day before your trip. Also try to squeeze in some play time hours on scheduled breaks.

5.      Seek familiarity for help

If there is one unique skill that all pets have, it’s their sense of familiarity to their master and those closely related.

This is why hiring sitter services is a bad idea if you are a pet enthusiast. It is better to hire someone who will be willing to do errands for you on the road, someone who your pet is very familiar with.

Pet sitting services should only be a last resort when all options have been excised.

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